Charlotte Heroes Hockey Game Rules presented by ADG | EasyCare

Rule 1: The Salute to Heroes Hockey Game follows most rules of American hockey. But, as you know, when public safety members of different departments get into a battle with one another....the rules sometimes don't matter!

Rule 2: To be eligible to play in the Charlotte Heroes Hockey game, you must be a member of one of these four organizations: CMPD, MCSO, CFD or Mecklenburg County EMS. Team Captains have final decision on all rosters.

Rule 3: If there is any situation prior to the game that needs a decision, both Team Captains must come to a mutual agreement to make it official.

Rule 4: In the event that decision cannot be agreed upon by the Team Captains, the Salute to Heroes Hockey Commissioner and Heroes Game Consultant will provide a decision.

Thank you to all of our Presenting Partners!